National Hitchcock Day

National Alfred Hitchcock Day, is annually celebrated on March 12th. It provides a wonderful chance to celebrate the life, times, and work of this world-renowned filmmaker.

Alfred Hitchcock is celebrated every year on March 12. It is not the birthday or death of Hitchcock, and it is unclear why it is celebrated on this date. It is because March 12 is the televised anniversary of his American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Awards? Or was the March 1939 contract that brought him to Hollywood signed on March 12? The press covered his contract story on March 17. Whatever the reason, it's bound to be a day that puts you in your chair.

Alfred Hitchcock is best known as the master of suspense. He blends suspense with humor, sexual attraction, and voyeurism while utilizing a variety of motifs and devices, such as the MacGuffin, to fuel his complex and engaging plots. His career is often divided into four periods: the silent period, the British period, the Hollywood era of the 1940s, and his most artistically successful period - which took place during the 1950s and early 1960s.

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