The Second Annual Alfred Hitchcock Festival

Homage to a Cinematic Legend

The city of Scotts Valley, California, proudly presents the 2nd Annual Hitchcock Festival from March 8-10, 2024. This unique event pays homage to the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, a former local resident whose influence on cinema remains unparalleled. Set against the backdrop of the city he once called home, the festival is a vibrant tribute, celebrating his timeless contributions to the film industry.

Festival Overview

The Hitchcock Festival offers a rich tapestry of activities, blending screenings of classics like "Rear Window," "North by Northwest," "The Birds," and "Blackmail" with insightful analyses and discussions. These sessions, led by film scholars and experts, provide a deeper understanding of Hitchcock's work. The festival also features keynote talks, panel discussions, and a special fashion show inspired by the iconic styles in Hitchcock's films, reflecting the elegance and psychological depth of his cinematic universe.

Celebrating Hitchcock's Legacy in Scotts Valley

More than a cinematic showcase, the festival is a celebration of Hitchcock's enduring legacy in Scotts Valley. Hosted by the Scotts Valley Community Theater Guild at the new Cultural and Performing Arts Center, the event underscores the community's admiration and respect for Hitchcock. As a fundraiser for the Guild, it also supports the arts and cultural development in the region, fostering a space for artistic expression and appreciation.

A Confluence of Film and Community

The 2nd Annual Hitchcock Festival in Scotts Valley is a convergence of film enthusiasts, scholars, and the local community, offering a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the genius of Alfred Hitchcock. It is an invitation to immerse oneself in the world of a master filmmaker, in a city that holds a special place in his story. For attendees, the festival promises to be an engaging and enlightening event, celebrating the legacy of a cinematic master in his former hometown.